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WIN recording

2009-12-02 16:32:06 by TheWolfShade

well, my piano is still out of tune, but i got a good enough recording of Love and Loss up to post it (and it will be going on youtube with a pic of my piano when i get the chance) so I'll get that up asap. PS if you aren't a music major or haven't played an instrument for more than a few years seriously, you probably won't notice much in terms of how far out it is, so don't worry about it if that's the case.

I reformatted my computer which was good in many ways and apparently bad in one I hadn't expected. More specifically, i couldn't find the installation disc for the recording program I was using that came with my mic, which at first i was not so happy about. After a month a friend wanted to do a duet with me (for fun) and she found out about this dilemma, and sent me to what SHE uses (which is free, and can actually convert to mp3, woot!!) this means i can actually put music up here now! :D the only bit of bad news is despite this my piano is being driven out of tune with time, and while it isn't yet absolutely awful, one of the strings for a note is literally a half step off by this point (the other is fairly in tune) and a few others are starting to break their ranks. stupid strings (I'm not talking about you violins/viola/etc, i looove you!) but hopefully we can get it tuned some time soon so i wont frown during my favorite part of Love and Loss like i otherwise would. anyways woot!

halfway decent recording-done!

2009-07-08 13:15:51 by TheWolfShade

well i'll post this on NG too because i don't want to be tied too much to one site... I finally got a halfway decent recording of Sunshine after the Rain (and Amaranth too, to be honest) so I'm putting them up. I may wait a bit on amaranth, and listen to it again, but I'm definitely putting the one up. if you want a recording you can use for flashes that doesn't have the mistake (if your flash gets to it) i can try to do that too, but send me a pm! I'll admit up front that sometimes it takes me a moment to even realize i have a pm... so if i dont respond thats why lol i haven't realized it.

mmm note to self... just because it comes with it doesn't make them less evil... naturally converts to wav (was already submitted to youtube) and NG only accepts MP3 Dx

its the main post right now. ^^

i thought this to myself earlier. Could people steal my compositions? Yes. As time passed would it be obvious what came from who? Yes. So stop delaying. Within the next week i will get my compositions on here. (yeah, im still growing, i know ^^ but hopefully you will find something you like. And no, Amaranth is not Christoforis dream-David Lanz, but has a similar feel. listen to it and you can tell)

lol no one reads these right now buuuuut at least if people check me out they wont be completely confused as to where the music came from. (I was completely gone for winter break, wisdom teeth. nothing got done or may ever) and i'm working on setting up my mic and stuff, should have original piano compositions up here soon. Worst comes to worst i have a really good electronic recorder i can just use to post, that may work better... *shrug* i may also draw out a pic to make my pic... something will happen lol but ill be double posting my music and such on youtube when i do so it should be on either (name is different on youtube, it's KazeNorite)

making of things

2008-12-03 01:08:39 by TheWolfShade

well i have two ideas and a hell of a lot of time next month, so we will see which gets done and how fast... ToS 2 make fun of and an original comp. hopefully both will be good... assuming i ever figure out flash (my lazyness) and so i don't have to draw by hand, making it take forever xD :D