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mmmmmmmmmmm music music, yes

2009-03-25 00:37:08 by TheWolfShade

lol no one reads these right now buuuuut at least if people check me out they wont be completely confused as to where the music came from. (I was completely gone for winter break, wisdom teeth. nothing got done or may ever) and i'm working on setting up my mic and stuff, should have original piano compositions up here soon. Worst comes to worst i have a really good electronic recorder i can just use to post, that may work better... *shrug* i may also draw out a pic to make my pic... something will happen lol but ill be double posting my music and such on youtube when i do so it should be on either (name is different on youtube, it's KazeNorite)


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2009-03-25 00:45:39

I read them. You are known here, and I can't wait to listen to your music when it comes out-pm me so I can give you a review/vote