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ok!! reformat + permanently free program that converts to mp3=win

2009-11-04 17:17:15 by TheWolfShade

I reformatted my computer which was good in many ways and apparently bad in one I hadn't expected. More specifically, i couldn't find the installation disc for the recording program I was using that came with my mic, which at first i was not so happy about. After a month a friend wanted to do a duet with me (for fun) and she found out about this dilemma, and sent me to what SHE uses (which is free, and can actually convert to mp3, woot!!) this means i can actually put music up here now! :D the only bit of bad news is despite this my piano is being driven out of tune with time, and while it isn't yet absolutely awful, one of the strings for a note is literally a half step off by this point (the other is fairly in tune) and a few others are starting to break their ranks. stupid strings (I'm not talking about you violins/viola/etc, i looove you!) but hopefully we can get it tuned some time soon so i wont frown during my favorite part of Love and Loss like i otherwise would. anyways woot!


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2009-11-04 17:46:24

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