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halfway decent recording-done!

2009-07-08 13:15:51 by TheWolfShade

well i'll post this on NG too because i don't want to be tied too much to one site... I finally got a halfway decent recording of Sunshine after the Rain (and Amaranth too, to be honest) so I'm putting them up. I may wait a bit on amaranth, and listen to it again, but I'm definitely putting the one up. if you want a recording you can use for flashes that doesn't have the mistake (if your flash gets to it) i can try to do that too, but send me a pm! I'll admit up front that sometimes it takes me a moment to even realize i have a pm... so if i dont respond thats why lol i haven't realized it.

mmm note to self... just because it comes with it doesn't make them less evil... naturally converts to wav (was already submitted to youtube) and NG only accepts MP3 Dx

its the main post right now. ^^


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